When Cards Determine Their Own Meaning in a Spread

I've been feeling really discouraged about my current job and general career prospects, so I did a reading to help gain some insight into my situation. As usually, my reading was uncannily accurate; I drew 5 of Cups to represent my current situation…so… yeah.

But to the point of my post – despite my own intentions with a custom spread, I feel the cards actually created their own meaning with how they were laid out in relation to each other. I'm non-traditional in my style in that I usually lay cards in a pattern that I "feel" is relevant. And despite what I had originally intended, each card's position changed in meaning as I read them in relation to each other. Specifically, what I thought I should be looking for in new opportunities is actually holding me back. And what I though I should be wary of is the force that moves me forward.

Has anyone else experienced this – where cards tell you how they want to be read? I'm not a fully spiritual reader, but I do believe that there are sometimes influences beyond our conscious minds at play when interpreting.

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