When Death might very well mean Death

I read my friend's cards yesterday. While explaining some general concepts about Tarot I turned the deck over to show her an example card. It happened to be Death. This worked out well because I was able to explain that cards that might look difficult on the surface, could actually be quite positive in the right context. In this way I explained the transformative aspects of this card.

So I did a Celtic Cross and her question was about the evolution of her business. In the environment placement was the King of Cups. I immediately recognized this as her husband and explained to her why. But I needed a clarification card to understand why he was showing up in this context. I pulled the Death card.

The thing is, her husband is in remission from a rare form of cancer. When that card got pulled, we both sort of fell silent. I immediately referred to the card's aspect of going through an important transformation and that it did not necessarily mean Death at all. It was not by chance that the was the initial example card that came up. It could be in the spread because maybe he would be having a hard time dealing with her success in her business, as the other cards pointed to her business doing well.

In reality, I felt it was death and that his passing would of course significantly affect her life. I don't regret giving a somewhat false spin on it.

Just wondering if you have had a similar circumstance of a very negative situation and how you dealt with it.

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