When did you start reading tarot/cartomancy, and how many decks do you have now?

Just thought this would be interesting to share with everyone as a discussion 🙂

I started around 2016~ish. Currently have about 10 tarot decks, 14 oracle decks, and I’m planning on starting lenormand reading soon so I’m sure I’ll get a deck of those! Just recently learned about them within the past couple of years. If there are any other forms of cartomancy, let me know!

Also yes, I’m a bit of a deck hoarder LOL. But mostly each and every deck has a purpose of some kind.

I’ve already sorta “retired” one, my very first, because it was getting in quite a rough shape, but I do still have it. I might end up making some art out of it or hanging them up in a frame.

I’m planning on giving away three of my decks as well. They were gifts from a friend but I recently found out that they’re copies of originals and I really don’t connect with them anymore after that. Sucks, but it is what it is.

How about you guys? 🙂

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