When I asked if I should be Catholic again, I drew V The Hierophant

I started reading Tarot around the time that I left the Church. There was a brief period where I considered myself both a Christian and someone interested in Tarot. I don't see too much of a problem with being both.

Ever since I left the Church I've been deeply confused spiritually, not sure how to fill the gap. I've thought about giving Christianity another try, even though there are a ton of emotional and intellectual hurdles I'd have to jump over. I decided to consult the cards and drew the Hierophant. To me this seems like an emphatic yes to rejoining the Church. Nothing screams Catholicism more in Tarot than this card. I then asked why I should be Catholic again, and drew the Ace of Swords. So maybe rejoining the Church will give me mental clarity about my place in the world and put my spiritual confusion to rest.

I know that Christianity and Tarot don't mix, but I don't really care too much. Besides, there are still plenty of disagreements I have with Church doctrine. I'm sure there are other Christians on here that could give me some advice on this.

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