When working or practicing with a deck – is it okay to just idly shuffle and lay down cards to see how they read and not really have intentions for a reading? Or are the cards always going to work?

Cosmic greetings!

This has been a question on my mind for a little bit now as I have started to slowly build a deck collection. I recently got the Trionfi Della Luna TdM themed tarot deck, its my first TdM style deck and I have been a bit conflicted on how to work with it and get used to how it reads, I have watched some youtube, found some online sources and all that but that can only go so far, right?

The best way to learn is to practice, and I don't really have a lot of social interaction these days so it boils down to how best to practice on my own. I do a morning Tarot reading most days which is helpful but it's a 3 card spread 1x a day. So I started to wonder if there was any harm in just shuffling the cards and then laying them out and figuring out how they work and read – if I don't have a question or whatever then it should be good practice right?

I really shouldn't have to learn by always laying the cards out in order or groups of numbers or anything, because when you do a reading, you aren't doing that. There isn't a reason I couldn't just shuffle and put the cards out in a Celtic cross spread just to see how they interact.


I guess what I am asking is, are Tarot cards always gonna Tarot? How do the rest of you go about working with and learning a new deck (aside from a deck interview, just already knowing from experience, and doing readings)?

The other reason I ask is because yesterday afternoon during some work meetings I was just shuffling my cards and doing practice pulls, or just laying out cards. I think I did a Celtic Cross and a few 3 card spreads. I noticed that The TOWER card kept appearing, popped out while shuffling a time or two, ended up in a couple of card pulls – I made a mental note of it and went on about my business.

Well, last night I got the lawnmower going and started mowing, about halfway in, I hit a rock I didn't see that was buried deep down in some tall grass. It killed the mower, I got the mower moved, was able to restart it but as soon as I would engage the blade the mower would die. Turns out, hitting the rock, bent the mower blade and now I need to get a new mower blade. Seems like even though I was just trying to practice reading the cards, they had some other ideas…..


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