Which major arcana card spoke to you?

I have to give my entire tarot journey to The Fool. Already a representation of new beginnings, when I began tarot, I was very unsure of my journey. I bought myself a deck that I had been looking into for a while, and I couldn't bring myself to even open the box. Previously, I bought a Rider Waite deck, but couldn't connect with it and ended up gifting it to my sister.

Eventually, something called me to open the box and look into the cards. And I noticed it had two The Fool cards! I was absolutely bewildered and excited, because . . . damn if that isn't a sign! With this deck, and this newfound motivation, I've been studying tarot daily for weeks.

I also have to give it to The Hanged Man, in a way. A bit into my research on the major arcana, it kept showing up: on websites, on Instagram posts, even in my deck, The Hanged Man kept popping up, and I went out of order to research it. I realized its message, and it directly correlates to what I'm learning in therapy right now. The more I researched this card and its interpretations/meanings/messages, the better I came to understand letting go of trauma, surrendering yourself to change, etc.

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