Why did I pull all suit of pentacles cards when asking about love?

I don’t really associate the suit of pentacles with steamy, passionate romance, or the romance I was asking about. I just started talking to this new boy and went on a date with him yesterday and I REALLY like him, he’s funny, sweet, seems very caring, and exactly my type, so I decided to ask my deck about the potential of this relationship and what it wound possibly be like, and I pulled:

Seven of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, and Knight of Pentacles.

I was so confused because I’m still learning about tarot and wondered if this was really about a new fresh relationship, so I pulled another card and pulled the Ace of Wands, which I interpret as a good thing, and as a new romance blossoming.

Just based off what I know, I’m assuming I pulled all those suit of pentacles cards because our (hopefully future) relationship may be very stable and healthy? And involve some sort of routine or diligence? I’m also feeling like maybe the cards point to a long-lasting relationship, possibly. I hope these cards don’t mean it’ll be a boring and monotonous relationship, I don’t want to feel like I’m in a 20 year marriage with someone! Haha

If someone else could help me interpret this I’d really appreciate it! The insight people give on this subreddit is absolutely amazing and I learn so much!

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