Why does my reader do this?

So I go to a reader of tarot who burns and prays before a tarot reading and smokes a cigarette to cleanse I'm guessing? She spreads the cards and tells me to ask the question and pull one card from the stack for my answer. Usually it's correct but she said that my brothers new fiance hates me and the sight of me and that I am a cause of argument with them. his fiance is shy and we dont even talk. My brother confirmed that she doesn't hate me and they don't argue about me. I asked another loaded question because a relative in her 50s who has been a stay at home mom married to a well off guy suddenly said she was violated when she was a teenager by a relative. The reader said she was seeking money but was telling the truth. Idk why she'd want money when her husband can give that to her. So can tarot fail by an experienced reader and who or how does my reader get her answers? Does she have to be working with a saint?

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