why have i been thinking of an old romantic interest more often lately?

deck used was the raider waite tarot deck

i recently had a dream that i was in a relationship with this person but throughout it, i felt like i was having to prove myself or that i was being judged. very weird and i’ve been seeing his name on billboards and he’s also been viewing my stories that i post on social media all of a sudden. anyway, let’s get to the spread.

•The Two of Swords Reversed, 4 of swords & 7 of wands clarifying: thoughts of the past are resurfacing so that i can gain clarity or insight into how i assert myself and what my values are in terms of relationships. a sense of confusion plagues me because i’m not seeing the lesson/message my emotions are trying to tell me, rather i’m becoming defensive and annoyed with the fact that i keep thinking of this person. i’m trying to guard myself or keep these thoughts locked away for my own protection? but why? idk this confused me a little.

•The Empress reversed, King of Swords clarifying: i’m thinking about certain ways i failed to assert myself, my boundaries or my needs, and seeing how my lack of confidence led to me over giving or giving from a place of lack.

•The Six of Pent, The Star Reversed clarifying: reiterating the message of giving from an unhealthy place which caused a lack of inner balance as well as the loss of the desired relationship. maybe something within feeling like i’m not giving enough attention to it & maybe too much attention on other things? like my focus on career/ my dream??? idkkkk

Would really love input on this, im not too sure about how i feel. I find myself sometimes missing this person but most times wanting to completely detach myself from the past and wanting a new beginning. i think i only really miss them sometimes because i just miss having connection romantically but anyway, if you need more info just let me know.

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