Wording Questions

Well, the title says it all. How do I word yes or no questions so that they are no longer yes or no?

I want to ask a tarot reader about the possibility of opening a small Etsy shop (as in I want to start one. The tarot reader in this little shop will be me. Eventually. When the fear of failure is low and the very small risk taking part of me says "Fuck it.")

So how do I ask if I should take the risk or not?

Should I ask what I need to do to become successful? (I should define success for me would be maybe one reading a month, if I'm lucky. I like to keep expectation low and most likely realistic)

Should I ask how to attract clients?

Than you all for your input.

PS. I know my chances are low that this will workout but I am unable to do much else for work as I have a supressed immune system. This is pretty much the only thing I can do where I'm not exposed to the public and I can do the thing I like the most.

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