Would like some input on this incredibly powerful experience I had with a new deck interview yesterday

Okay y'all, I need some insight on an unexpectedly wild reading I had last night.

I was doing a deck interview with my new deck that came in the mail – the Luna Soleil deck that has been in my Etsy cart forever and I finally decided to treat myself to. My deck interview is a 5 card spread that looks like this: 1 What card best describes our relationship? 2 What are you here to teach me? 3 When should I use you? 4 What’s something I can do to improve our relationship? 5 What’s a message you have for me from the universe right now?

So for number 1, I pulled the King of Wands – which I interpreted as our relationship is very energetically powerful. Together we make shit happen – and with gusto. Go big or go home. So I gotta be ready for the truth bombs when I use you.

For number 2, I pulled the 6 of Pentacles. I took this as she’s here to teach me community, getting involved, helping others, using my power for good – to help others. About how to use my time.

For number 3, I pulled the 3 of Pentacles, which I interpreted as I need to use her when I want to make my dreams a reality. Or when I want to learn something new/deepen my study of something. She will help with setting goals – or anything revolving around big, lofty goals.

For number 4, I pulled Temperance, which to me felt like I can improve our relationship by slowing down. Not rushing to do everything immediately, all at once. Eat the proverbial elephant one bite at a time. There’s no rush because in this, you do have time. Heal. Be in the moment.

Now here’s where shit gets wild. For number 5, “what message from the universe do you have right now”, I pulled the King of Pentacles. So I’ve always associated this card with my husband (in one of the books I have, the card is even associated with is birthday haha), and things are weird there, so I pulled a clarifier since that card has bias to me. My clarifier was the fucking 6 of Pentacles, which I pulled for question #2. So to me there’s something about the pair of those together? So I shuffled for a bit and decided we needed to dig deeper into this. I pulled another clarifier and holy fuck it was the King of Pentacles again!!!! So something loud and clear about that card. IDK if it’s about my husband or not. I don’t know.

Being totally mind blown, I set aside everything and said okay, let’s not put the 6 and King of Pentacles back in, because that message was received loud and clear, so let’s shuffle and pull two more. Those were the 5 of Wands and The Star.

Those two I kind of felt like told me there’s impending conflict or upheaval and that whatever change is coming, to be myself, know what I want, and embrace the change – don’t control it, just let it happen. And on the other side of that change is gentle, pure, loving energy.

I feel like I’m missing something though. I thought about it for awhile and outloud to my deck I was like, “okay, any parting thoughts?” I shuffled and out popped The Hanged Man. With that I felt like it was an expansion of the two above. Something is emerging and if I don’t slow down, I’ll miss it. I need to allow time and space for it to appear. To not control. Connect. If I resist, I’ll only create more obstacles for myself.

I’ve been working with my cards for a couple months now and have never had a powerful reading like this with repeating cards in a super obvious way. I also had a reiki infused candle lit that was about ancestral knowledge and connection.

Anyway, I wondered if anyone else would weigh in on any thoughts on my interpretation, if I’m missing anything, or if your gut is saying anything?

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