Would love some insight as to am I correct or totally off the beaten track

Waite Tarot using the Celtic Cross

The question was; Where is this situation going? We broke up and I drew this the day after looking for answers

  1. Querent 8 of Wands – Representing me or even us – I feel despite it being an alignment card in terms of my trajectory when I look at it, it stands for this road is closed or has ended.
  2. Challenge the world – Major arcana so this represents a big growth, big possibilities, everything is open. I know in theory it would stand for completion and full circle.
  3. Up in the mind knight of pentacles reversed – I feel it mainly pertains to the financial possibilities that I fear I lost rather than the obvious; I might get too focused on fixing myself to move forward and miss out on things.
  4. Root page of wands reversed – All of this was never going to work as the basis was flawed and I going to be hit with that stick and face things that I was ignoring. And to move forward I need to face the things I fear most.
  5. Past King of Wands – He turned his back on me a long time ago and had his own vision of where he wanted to go. Standing strong and assertive in his point, not considering me, whilst I chose to stand behind him and accept it. But also we had the intent to co-create and have a great vision and at some point, the tables turned.
  6. Future Hierophant – My association with this card was nothing. However, after looking into its description and analysing my behaviour I can say this would fit; I follow my learnt behaviour and now is the time to change it and grow, or else nothing will change.
  7. Attitude the sun – It is not reverse it fell on the floor and I laid it back down wrong carelessly. I was happy about this. For me, it represents getting to where I want to and my wish coming true. Not with him but in general.
  8. Environment the star – The one was also a happy pick. It represents having the cup full but also being in tune with the universe and what it has to offer. Seeing the beauty in myself as I look upon my reflection. After destruction comes great wealth in a metaphorical sense.
  9. Hopes and Fears the hangman – New beginnings and moving on. This card is advising me to take a time out and reflect because old behaviours will not bear new fruit, which is also what my gut is telling me but I have been ignoring.
  10. Outcome the fool – Happy go-lucky card even if I find it hard with the name the fool. Trust in myself, my happiness and that my heart will guide me to where I need to be.

The summery is; I started off little just like the Minor Arcanas but all the learnings the pain was for the greater good and I am evolving. I am at the brink of where I want to be with some minor reflections and learnings to follow through. So it is basically saying take a break regroup focus, learn evolve and you are right on track with your destiny.

Does anyone have any other thoughts?

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