WTF reading about deity to assist with a spell

I did a WTF reading about which deity to help assist me with a spell. I have issues with "hooking up" with anyone on a permanent basis (I generally consider myself a pantheistic pagan) but I had done readings on a spell I wish to do and it suggested I get help from a deity vs do it alone. So I did a WTF about where to look to find a deity to work with. The first card, the situation, was 6 of Cups, which might be renewing a relationship from the past (I had worked with many other deities before sort of dropping them all for a pantheistic outlook). The crossing card was the Devil, which represented my hesitation to get into such a relationship and feelings of being trapped or bondage. The next card is what is Right/Real – Q Cups [Could be Aphrodite, could be just go with my heart or what I feel vs what might seem logical); the next card is "what is wrong" and it was Q Wands [I am thinking Not Bast, or any Feline/Lion deities]. The next card was Q Pentacles, which is "more info" and may be suggesting an Earth-type goddess, but actions to take, the last card, was High Priestess [I have seen her as Hathor, Isis, BVM, and Persephone. However, I may be overlooking other Goddesses that might be reflected in these cards. Other deities that might be Chthonic could be Hecate, Santa Muerte or Demeter.] This question is just basically anyone have any other suggestions about what deities the cards are suggesting? The spell is to banish a troublemaker.

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