Yes/No Tarot Spread!

Hi everyone! The biggest struggle I see people have with tarot is asking yes/no questions and how to interpret them, so, I thought I could try to help!

Firstly, there's many different ways to get a yes/no answer, however, the technique I'm recommending is one where you only take 4 cards.

Upright, regardless of meaning, is "yes"

Reversed, regardless of meaning, is "no"

Thus, you can get 5 different possibilities:

4 upright, 0 reversed – yes

3 upright, 1 reversed – likely yes

2 upright, 2 reversed – maybe

1 upright, 3 reversed – likely no

0 upright, 4 reversed – no

This is the technique I personally like the most because it gives you different levels of how big of a "yes" or "no" it is.

Lastly, I'm also here to answer some of the common questions people have about yes/no questions!

  • I asked a question I knew the answer to (ex: do I have blue eyes?) and I got the wrong answer. What's the deal? Can I trust the cards?

This is where a bit of philosophy and personal belief gets involved! I personally don't think any divination tool is helpful when trying to seek answers that you already have, I don't exactly know why this is, it just never really works out. The whole point of tarot, oracle, pendulums, crystal balls, and more are to find hidden truths, so purposely asking a question you already know the answer to just to test the validity of the tool is kind of disrespectful, in a way. I'm not saying you are disrespectful, because trust me, I did this A LOT when I first started out! Rather, I'm just saying that the action of testing the validity of a divination tool is a bit condescending. Think of it like this: Would you be happy if someone came up to you, asked for a reading, and then asked, "do I have curly hair?" I've had people try and "test" my cards before and it's never a great feeling. Tarot isn't meant to verify what's already known!

  • I got an answer to a question and it later turned out to be wrong. What happened?

Again, this is mostly just my personal opinion. I feel like the "magic" of tarot only goes so far. I think the mystical, magical part of tarot is the specification of the cards that fall + their position in relation to your question. Tarot can't interpret itself for you, the cards don't fall and scream what the answer is in a coherent way. Rather, tarot takes a step back once the right cards fall in their corrective positions, and the rest is up to you. If you got an answer to a question and it later turned out to be wrong, often times some part of your interpretation was incorrect, not the cards. Now, for yes/no questions I suppose it's up for debate. In theory if you ask your cards a yes/no question and don't know the answer then you should be given the answer. But a theory is just that, a theory. More realistically we have to accept that tarot cards aren't always going to be correct. Think if there are any other factors involved. I know for me personally if I start asking questions, especially yes/no questions, about literally anything and everything then the more I ask the less the answers make sense, they contradict, they don't come true, and so on. So, just think of it like a cooldown. Tarot is incredible, you get to find the hidden answers you otherwise wouldn't be able to know in that moment, so it makes sense that there's a limit to how much we can use our cards in one sitting. Take a break, get a snack, and then try again!

  • I've done everything recommended, I only ask questions about things I don't yet know and I don't overuse my cards, but my cards still aren't accurate. What is the problem?

The most common problem I see to be the main cause of inaccurate yes/no answers using tarot cards is the expectation a person has while performing the reading. Again, this is widely up for debate but I know for me personally I can't ever read for myself when I'm overly emotional and/or when I am hoping for a certain answer. For example, if I do a reading asking if I will get my dream job and I very much am hoping to get that dream job, it's very likely that the cards will simply reflect what I want rather than giving me the unbiased truth. Try to clear your mind when performing readings, especially yes/no readings, so that your desires and ambitions don't impact the performance of the cards. This also helps for normal readings so that you don't let bias get in the way of your interpretation!

That's it for assistance on yes/no questions using tarot cards, I hope this managed to help somebody πŸ˜€

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