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Hi. I had a strange experience last night and I wanted to ask you guys if this should be ignored or looked into.

So, I've been exploring tarot in the recent times (posted about it previously) and I found all these readers on YouTube (YT) who do pick a card readings as well as those for zodiac collectives. But last night, I stumbled upon tarot card readers who go live on YT and personal readings for a small fee or sometimes even for free. I tried 5 readers one after another and the question remained the same. I got five different outcomes, with only two out of five readings kind of overlapping. Tried two readers who have an active channel on YT previously, those guys also gave different readings.

Now my query is, to what extent can these readings be taken as accurate? I know the answer would be take what resonates. But if we are asking something to do with someone's intentions or feelings, it'd kind of hard to be able to put a handle on what is accurate. The mind obviously wants to go with the outcome that is most favourable.

The other aspect is that none of these readers pull any cards to clarify anything. That seems more like a red flag to me. The typical way they do it is to pull 3 cards and provide the answer. Is this ok? Can this be accurate? Those going all out into a reading do a lot of clarifications and check energies from both sides – didn't see it happen in any of these energies.

So, the question really is, should YT personal readings be taken for mostly entertainment since it's totally not in depth?

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