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CLARITY the BRAND NEW WAY to change the way you feel, find answers around what is stopping you in your tracks, and smash through your blocks quickly and effortlessly.

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Currently this is the only place in the world that Clarity is for sale, why?

Because Kerrie Mercel inventor of Clarity has yet to finalise joint venture arrangements in other countries. If you would like to introduce Clarity to your country, contact Kerrie Mercel.  The good news is that Clarity can be shipped anywhere in the world. 

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How To Release Baggage From The Past In Lightening Speed! In As Little As 5 Minutes... Even If You Have Never Done Anything Like This Before! Isn't it time to Change Your Mind? Or Would You Chose To Spend The Next Part Of Your Life The Same As The First?

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Clarity VS Tarot

If you love Tarot, Angle, Oracle Cards check out why Clarity is so very, very different...


  • Clarity connects to your consciousness automatically.
  • Clarity hones into topics of your choice, you can chose a life reading or just one part of your life.
  • Anyone who can read can use Clarity
  • In less than 5 minutes you can read Clarity with full understanding of how it works
  • After you have discovered the answers to your questions and what energy isn't working for you, you can select a release card.
  • The Clarity release card connects to your consciousnesses and within a few minutes the energy begins to dissolve.   


  • Tarot cards either have a book or a reader to interpret the Tarot cards.
  • Your questions may or may not be answered based upon the interpretation of the cards.
  • If you haven't a book you will need to know Tarot or what the cards mean.
  • It takes months/years of study to fully understand the cards and what they mean to you. 
  • After you have read the Tarot cards it's up to you to work out what to do next. That is unless the reader who you have just met has an idea.
  • Tarot can be used for darkness or light.
  • Tarot does not have any releasing process so you can move forward.

Clarity Conclusion:

You feel lighter and brighter, know where to head and what to do next with Clarity. You don't need anyone else to "read your cards". You have all the answers within, using Clarity will uncover those answers and help you feel better about life in general.

More About Clarity

Q. Who is Clarity For?

Anyone who can read can use Clarity. ​Every aspect of your life will be covered: Work, Fun, Travel, Entertainment, Wealth, Emotional, Health, Fitness, Relationships, Spiritual & Emotional. 12+ YEARS OLD.

Q. What will Clarity Do For You?

CLARITY is the BRAND NEW WAY to change the way you feel, find answers around what is stopping you in your tracks, and smash through your blocks quickly and effortlessly.

Q. Why is Clarity Different To Anything Else On The Market?

Clarity is a holistic product that is solution based. It addresses what is troubling you by offering awareness driven words that supply the answers within you. Then to move forward Clarity offers you a Release card. 

Q. How Was Clarity Invented?

Clarity was invented by Kerrie Mercel who was bed ridden in the later part of 2016. She used the endorsed* releasing method to ease her pain & let go of emotions that were keeping here stuck & in bed. *Clarity is endorsed by an International releasing technique that has traveled the world for over 45 years.

Clarity Card and Board Set


Discover How To Stop Speaking To Yourself With That Negative Mind Talk, Find Out What Tools You Can Use To Access All The Answers Within


How To Finally Turn Your Work & Life Around With Ease And Grace. Quickly Deal With Stress & Keep It From Affecting Your Relationships


How To Find And Maintain That Balance You Crave For Plus Specific Steps And Tools To Create Work, Life Balance & Passion

Overall rating :  5 / 5

Are you curious to find out what you should have learnt when you were a kid but most likely still don’t know? You are invited! To a new way of feeling better about any situation, anywhere, any time. Yes! I'm ready to have it all, the partner, happy kids, incredible wealth & sanity. I’m after peace of mind, love, fun & support. I want to stop juggling balls & second guessing myself!”

Clarity Card & Board Set

When you purchase your own Clarity Card and board set you will receive... 

  • A brand new box of Clarity 
  • 36 Clarity Cards for releasing what ever is holding you back
  • 52 Flow Cards with over 300 access clues
  • Instructions, including video instructions on how to use Clarity

Heather Thompson from 4 Seasons of New York House Wives with Clarity!


"Working with you Kerrie has been so insightful for me to reflect and looking within for the answers."

Heather Thompson


Education is a privilege not a right. Thanks to my sponsor Kerrie Mercel from Clarity who value education I was able to go to Nepal to work with the CDCA Project.

Petra Williams

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